Russian smartphones want to switch from Android to Chinese operating system HarmonyOS due to Google bans, but Huawei "currently has no plans to launch HarmonyOS outside of China"

A few days ago, Google stopped certifying smartphones from Russian manufacturers. This was reported by the Mobile-Review publication in its Telegram channel.


Journalists refer to information from two Russian companies that are engaged in the production of smartphones. As told to the edition, Google stopped certification of software, referring to the law on export of the USA which forbids transfer of the American technologies to Russia. Google's refusal to approve the release of Android smartphones was confirmed by two domestic companies.


After Google stopped certifying smartphones of the Russian company BQ running the Android management system, BQ began testing the HarmonyOS operating system from the Chinese company Huawei. However, Chinese media reported that a Global Network reporter received a response from Huawei on March 27, 2022, stating that "there are currently no plans to launch a HarmonyOS mobile phone overseas."


BQ is the largest Russian electronics brand founded in 2013. The company produces smartphones, mobile phones, TVs and tablet PCs in the budget and mid-price segments. In 2018, BQ entered the Russian top 5 most successful smartphone manufacturers in terms of sales according to the Counter Point Analytics rating.


According to reports, BQ is already testing China's Huawei Hongmeng OS, and new smartphones with Hongmeng OS could be launched in Russia as early as the second half of 2022.


However, a Global Network reporter received a response from Huawei on March 27, which stated, “Since its release, HarmonyOS has been loved by a large number of consumers. By the end of 2021, 220 million Huawei devices were equipped with HarmonyOS. We are very grateful to everyone for the continued support of HarmonyOS, however there are currently no plans to launch HarmonyOS mobile phones overseas.”