Aeroflot will cancel all flights to other countries, except Belarus

Aeroflot, the largest Russian company, operated flights from Russia to China and back at the beginning of 2022. But today Aeroflot announced that from March 8, 2022, all international flights will be suspended (from 00:00 Moscow time) due to the emergence of additional circumstances that impede flights.”

The cancellation also applies to international destinations in the schedule of Rossiya and Aurora airlines (flights in the range SU5400-5799 and SU5950-6999).


“Passengers of international flights who are abroad and have two-way tickets with a used flight segment from the Russian Federation can apply to the carrier for reissuing the return segment to Russia until the flight is terminated,” Aeroflot said in a press release.


Starting tomorrow, March 6, the carrier will also “cease admission to international flights” of passengers with round-trip tickets (if the return flight is after March 8).


Aeroflot clarified that it will continue operating flights within Russia, with the exception of flights to cities in southern Russia, as well as to Belarus. There is no mention of exceptions for flights to China, probably because it are also among the flights that will be suspended from March 8, 2022