The evergreen Baoting Tea Valley in Hainan will open the dinosaur valley, tropical park, military park, tea culture park and Mengmeng Zoo on January 1, 2020

Baoting's evergreen tea valley will open on New Year's holiday in 2020 to fill the gap in Hainan's tea culture tourism industry.


A press conference was held in Haikou to discover the scenic landscape in the Changqing Baoting Tea Valley and to promote tourist resources, dedicated to the internal environment, tourism resources and events dedicated to the opening of this scenic spot on Hainan Island on January 1, 2020.


The scenic spot of Chashi Valley is located on Maojiang Mao'an Farm in Baoting Li and Miao County, surrounded by fog, sunlight and heavy rain. This is a natural oxygen bar. This project is a project to reform and promote investment in Baoting land development and is a subsidiary of Changqing International Pension Industry Group Co., Ltd. A scenic spot will be built in the Hainan tea culture collection area, filling the gap in the Hainan tea culture tourism industry and becoming a unique tea culture tourism project in the rainforests.


 According to reports, there will be five main tourist sites in this scenic area: dinosaur valley in tropical forests, tropical rainforest, military culture zone, tea culture park and Mengmeng Zoo, as well as dozens of scenic spots that can be used for recreation.


In addition to sightseeing, visitors can also experience the exciting CS water guns. According to the Baoting Government Price Department, a ticket to a scenic spot in the Valley of Tea Valley costs 48 yuan per person, and a ticket for a sightseeing tour machine costs 68 yuan per person. To allow more visitors to experience the beauty of Tea Valley at a reduced price, they will also introduce a discount on a ticket before opening.


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