Hainan Island Construction News: Wenchang on Hainan Island, China Accelerates Construction of National Coastal Parks

The city authorities of Wenchang on the island of Hainan, China are striving to actively build a demonstration zone of national coastal construction, a cultural display area and an environmental protection zone, therefore, in order to accelerate regional development, the city council of Wenchang recently issued the "Wenchang National Marine Park Program."

Based on environmental protection and restoration, the city of Wenchang will actively build a national coastal development demonstration zone, a cultural manifestation zone and an environmental protection zone that unites international standards, adopts national functions, outlines Wenchang characteristics and integrates environmental requirements, health services, science and education.

The work on the establishment of the Wenchang National Marine Park will focus on the environmental protection and restoration of the Qingjianan Nature Reserve, Wenchang-Euhum Nature Reserve and Tungulin National Park.

At the same time, the municipality of Wenchang actively pursued the identification and removal of illegal buildings within the ecological red line, and illegal buildings, that have been identified, have been decisively destroyed: the involved residential houses, the demolition after resettlement for a limited period of time, planned for the removal of illegal structures and the ban on breeding ponds and farms within 200 meters of the shoreline, promoting coastal pollution control and restoring the shoreline and decisive dismantling of illegal buildings on both sides of the coastal tourist road.

The city council of Wenchang also developed plans for the nearest, medium and long-term implementation and detailed decomposition tables for tasks. Among them, until 2020, the construction of the coastal zone of the Fengjian Bay, the Matsu Cultural Park and the eastern suburb of the Coconut Grove will be carried out.