Singapore opened the International Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the National High-Tech Zone in Haikou, Hainan, China

After two years of intensive planning and preparation, Haikou National High-tech Zone, National Incubator Management Company


High-tech Zone Haikou, Singapore-based Technology Innovation Company Jiashi and Wuhan Optoelectronics Industrial Research Institute jointly opened the International Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Haikou.


This is the first overseas offshore incubator in Hainan with many features such as investment promotion, joint project design, multifunctional research and talent incubation, as well as the transfer of science and technology. In the future, a number of upscale projects will be implemented in Haikou National High Tech Zone.


The creation of a foreign incubator in Hainan not only provides strong complementarity between China and Singapore in the field of innovation in science and technology and cooperation in the field of entrepreneurship, but also implements a plan for the development of new industries in the Haikou National High-Tech Zone, and also decisively uses the main opportunities national development and integrates into international development.


At an official event, Liu Qizhan, assistant professor of analysis and operations at the National University of Singapore, delivered a keynote speech, “New Direction” technological innovation. "


At the venue, a cooperation agreement was signed by the national company for the management of the incubator of high-tech zones Haikou, Ltd., Jiashi Technology Innovation Workshop Private Investment Co., Ltd. and the Wuhan Institute of Optoelectronic Industry Technology Research. In accordance with the agreement, the three parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of talent exchange, project implementation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and events, and based on their own advantages, integrate high-quality resources, actively create a platform for the exchange of scientific and technological innovations between the two countries, to strengthen scientific and technical cooperation in the field of innovation between the two countries.


Chen Binqing, consultant at RSM Business Consulting, delivered a keynote speech on the topic “Singapore - the cradle of the R&D center enterprises”.


Li Wei, general manager of the Singapore branch of Christie Technology Innovation Workshop, said that the completion of the International Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the National High-Tech Zone in Haikou will not only bring Singaporean high-tech technologies and innovative talents to China, but also ensure the international market connects. Singapore will open the entire market of Southeast Asia. Chinese technology companies and projects are entering Southeast Asia to provide services, promote high-tech technologies and products to “one belt, one way” countries and create a new technology exchange platform to test and incubate high-quality projects, develop international technology companies and promote bilateral technological innovation.


The relevant person in charge of the Haikou National High-Tech Zone said that opening a foreign incubator is of great importance for the high-tech zone: the high- tech zone will create the whole process of a support system for entrepreneurship development, an integrated system of guarantees for servicing talents, integrated service system for technological innovation and all elements.


The creation of the International Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the National High-Tech Zone in Haikou provides local entrepreneurs with a platform for integration into the global innovation network. Huang Tianlu, CEO of Singapore Dream New Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the presentation of the MEMS Chip Technology Project.