WIPHA Tropical Storm (not Typhoon) - video of the effects of wind and rain flooding in Sanya and Haikou, China in early August 2019


In the video above you can see the effects of strong wind and flooding from rains in Haikou, China from the tropical storm WIPHA, that did not reach the capacity of the typhoon, Sanya was not affected by the wind, in Sanya only heavy rain periodically from July 30, 2019 to August 1, 2019. The wind speed in the epicenter of the tropical storm WIPHA in Haikou reached 85 kilometers per hour from July 31 to August 1.


But the order of the road in general was stable, and some sections were stopped for traffic.


At the moment, the order of traffic on the provincial highway Hainan is generally stable. The highway department previously sent 65 rescue teams, 2,320 people and 605 vehicles. A total of 69 road safety threats were eliminated and 67 trees repaired.


 The Hainan Province Road Safety Authority and the Road Construction Bureau sent specialized personnel to supervise and guide all road construction contractors to strictly carry out the work and eliminate security threats. To date, a total of 134 construction workers have been transferred to eliminate 97 security threats.


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