Haitan International Pepper Brand created on Hainan Island, China

Recently, the “Hainan Agricultural and Processing Integration Program” was launched. According to the plan, Hainan Haishu Pepper Industry Co., Ltd. and the Dongchang Farm Company jointly took the initiative to form the Pepper Industry Agricultural Reclamation Company, to promote the coordinated development of the pepper industry in land reclamation and to pool resources to realize the large-scale and professional development of Haitan pepper industry.


Once established, Haishu Pepper Industry Group will coordinate the planting of 80,000 mu pepper in the area of ​​Hainan Island and will become the basis of the production chain, combining the “demonstration zone of the main crops + producers and buyers + cooperatives”. As a starting point, the company will create a well-known domestic and international brand of pepper and create a modern agricultural industry, including planting, processing, warehousing, logistics, trade, research and sightseeing.


The person in charge of Haishu Holding Group said the group’s headquarters will be located at Dongchang Farm Company. In the original Dongchang Farm, two models of the two groups Pepper Industry Group and Dongchang Farm Company will be implemented, which total production of pepper in the Hainan reclamation site in 2018 amounted to about 9 720 tons.


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