Wenchang International Space City under construction on Hainan Island, China

In 2021, Wenchang will make every effort to promote the construction of the Wenchang International Space City launch site and promote the development of the aerospace equipment industry such as rocket assembly, R&D and rocket satellites manufacturing, and space research equipment for the space city.


Construction of the Wenchang International Space City will mainly start in 2021, and a management and development company for Wenchang International Space City will be established. The construction of the "three horizontal and five vertical" road network, Wenchang High School, Wenchang Aerospace Supercomputer Center and Industrial Service Center has begun, and an intelligent transportation project has been launched. To foster minimalist approval, 26 units, including the Hainan branch of the China Launch Vehicle Technology Academy, signed contracts and 112 companies settled in the park.


In 2021, Wenchang will make every effort to promote the construction of the Wenchang International Space City launch site. Intensify work on the expropriation of land in the launch zone to ensure the start of construction of the Hainan Branch of the Chinese Academy of Launch Vehicle, the International University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Aerospace Museum and the Museum of Aerospace Science and Technology. Take full advantage of the free trade port policy, innovative investment methods, and involve state-owned enterprises, research institutes and high-quality private enterprises in space science and technology to participate in the construction of the space city.


This year, Wenchang will actively develop aerospace science and technology. Design and build manufacturing bases for aerospace R&D and assembly, and promote the development of aerospace equipment manufacturing industries such as rocket assembly and general surveying, R&D and manufacturing of rocket satellites, and space research equipment for the Aerospace City. Promote the creation of the aerospace science and innovation platform in Wenchang by leading national science and innovation institutions, and promote the construction of projects such as the science and technology innovation and transformation base of the space city, and rocket science.


Wenchang City will implement the three strategic cooperation framework agreements signed by the provincial government with the National Defense Science and Industry Administration, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, strengthen cooperation and exchanges, plan and generate a number of agreements, aerospace industry projects and the introduction of a number of research institutes located in Wenchang. Seek commercial space launch projects to settle in Wenchang, and promote the simultaneous planning and construction of commercial space launches and space tourism zones.


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