Citizens of Russia on Aliexpress banned from buying in US dollars

According to Russian media, the Chinese Internet platform Aliexpress has tightened the rules for the purchase of goods for Russian citizens once again. If earlier for the citizens of Russia on Aliexpress appeared its own dollar-to-ruble exchange rate (usually 10 USD higher than that of the Central Bank or the Moscow Exchange), now citizens of the Russian Federation can only pay for goods in the shopping cart on Aliexpress in the national currency - rubles. If the product is selected in dollars, the currency is automatically converted into rubles.


Neither coupons nor even the mobile version of the program on Android help to change the currency in the basket: as soon as the product enters the basket, the system calculates its cost at the internal rate. At the moment, it is 71 rubles per dollar, while on the Moscow Exchange it is 58.22. It follows from this that it will no longer be possible to save money by paying for goods in foreign currency, and when converting, the end user loses at least 10 rubles from each dollar on the exchange rate.


For example, if you found something on the marketplace for $267 (it is still not forbidden to search for goods in dollars, problems begin at the stage of payment), then at the official exchange rate in the Russian Federation it is 16,080 rubles. Aliexpress offers to pay more - 19,638 rubles. You can also buy goods via Paypal, WebMoney or Qiwi only in rubles at the internal rate of the store on Aliexpress.