Education, Science and Technology Statistics of Hainan Province, China in 2020

The innovation capacity has been greatly improved, the construction of the National Salt Resistant Rice Technology Innovation Center has been solidly promoted, the South Center Deepwater Base Innovation Platform has been officially launched, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences has been promoting the launch of the remote sensing information industry and commercial satellites. The manned underwater vehicle has successfully passed 10,000-meter sea trials.


During 2020, 446 new high-tech enterprises were recently recognized, bringing the total to 838; 4 key provincial laboratories were established, 33 newly recognized academic innovation platforms, including 23 foreign academic jobs, and a total of 145 academic innovation platforms across the province; 39 new research projects and projects to support the new academic innovation platform were created. He organized the implementation of 208 projects of the national fund of natural science, 789 projects of the regional fund of natural science (including 341 talented specialists) and 19 large provincial scientific and technical projects. The research and experimental development staff totaled 16,000, an increase of 1,400, and the research and experimental development expenditure was RMB 3.090 billion, an increase of RMB 100 million.


As of the end of the year, Hainan Province, China had 21 ordinary colleges and universities, an increase of 1; the number of doctoral students was 2557, an increase of 296; the number of pupils in the school was 240,500, an increase of 24,700; of the year amounted to 80,100 people, an increase of 3,800 people. In total, there are 127 general secondary schools, an increase of 3; 14,300 full-time teachers, an increase of 717; 181,900 students, an increase of 9,322; 65,000 annual recruitment, an increase of 4,450; the overall secondary education enrollment rate is 92.6%, an increase of 0.5 percentage points. There are 410 ordinary junior high schools in total, an increase of 6; 28,000 full-time teachers, an increase of 986; pupils at school 381,400, an increase of 12,400; the annual intake is 131,800, an increase of 5,511; the overall enrollment rate for lower secondary schools is 106.4%, a decrease of 1.4 percentage points.


There were 64 secondary vocational schools, which is 9 less, the number of pupils in the school was 123,300 people, an increase of 6,026 people, enrollment for the year amounted to 48,300 people, an increase of 5,483 people. In total, there are 1379 general education primary schools, an increase of 3; 54,300 full-time teachers, an increase of 1,862; 862,100 students, an increase of 9,100; annual enrollment for 143,400 students, a decrease of 8,991; the overall primary school enrollment rate is 102.4% and has not changed last year.


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