For refusal to take tests for coronavirus will be punished in the form of an administrative fine

Nucleic acid testing is an important part of the prevention and control of the coronavirus epidemic, but some people believe that nucleic acid testing is not necessary, so they do not go out, and there is an administrative fine for refusing to take the test. A few days ago, a branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau imposed an administrative fine on a woman who refused to take nucleic acid tests.


At 9:00 am on April 4, police stationed at the Baoshan Branch Police Station reportedly received a message from volunteers: A woman in the community refused to go downstairs to take a nucleic acid test after residents' committee staff and volunteers came to urge her to do a lot of once.


Arriving at the scene, the police officers showed the police officers' identification cards and informed them about the relevant epidemic prevention regulations and legal regulations. The police immediately summoned her to the police station, where she was administratively punished by the Shanghai police in accordance with the law.


Police remind: The public must comply with the epidemic prevention and control policy and take nucleic acid tests on time.