The original goal of the plan to attract one million talents to Hainan, China has been fulfilled

From April 13, 2018 to November 20, 2020, Hainan Province has attracted a total of 201,000 talents to the island, an increase of 662%. The original goal of “attracting about 200,000 different types of talents by 2020” set out in the “Action Plan for One Million Talents Coming to Hainan (2018-2025)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Action Plan”) has been achieved.


Following the release of the Action Plan, Hainan Province has updated the talent development system and mechanisms, implemented a more proactive, more open and more effective talent policy, paid close attention to large talent development projects, comprehensively improved the level of service for talent, and fostered talent development in the province. to show the new face of the situation.


Especially after the release of the Hainan Free Trade Port General Plan on June 1 this year, the province has pioneered the implementation of the high-level talent service communication mechanism and issued the "Administrative Measures for Hainan Provincial High-Level Commissioned Talent Service" for participation in the professional qualification and practice exams, the first award ceremony for the Hainan Provincial Talent Team was held. From June 1 to November 20, the province presented a total of 103,000 talents, an increase of 1,989%.


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