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The total value of agriculture, forestry, livestock and fisheries in Hainan Province in 2020 will reach 175 billion yuan

The Hainan tropical high-performance agriculture plan provides that in 2020, the total production value of agriculture, forestry, livestock and fisheries in our province will reach 175 billion yuan.
Yesterday, the "Hainan Provincial Agriculture Development Plan with High Efficiency (2019-2020)" was released, where it is indicated that by 2020 the total production value of agriculture, forestry, livestock and fisheries will reach 175 billion yuan, and farmers' income will be sought reach 16,000 yuan, reaching the national average, and the income gap between urban and rural residents will be reduced to less than 2.3: 1.

This plan provides for accelerating the efficiency of agriculture, strengthening the construction of the southern seed industry, focusing on the creation of a main area of ​​5.3 million mu of breeding studies, the main agricultural land for seed production and production is 268,000 mu, which is designated as a research and selection reserve . It is subject to control of use and is included in permanent main agricultural land that must be protected.

By adjusting the structure of the forest industry and transforming the fishery development regime, more than four marine ecological experimental marine pastures will be built by 2020, where the area of ​​marine pastures will be more than 10,000 mu.

Hainan should deepen the development of modern agriculture, introduce global resources into the transit base, create a platform for agricultural exchange on the sea shelf of the 21st century, and strengthen cooperation with the Taiwan region in the field of modern agriculture.


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