Regular flights Zhengzhou-Moscow opened by "Russian Post" and "China Post" for the delivery of Chinese goods to Russia

Russian Post  together with China Post, has launched regular direct flights on Russian main cargo aircraft TU-204C from the Chinese city of Zhengzhou to Vnukovo Airport, Moscow. Every week, Russian planes will deliver up to 23 tons of parcels to Russia from China.


The opening of new flights from China will allow Russian Post to ensure the stability of transportation, independently control logistics and delivery volumes on routes, regardless of the schedules of other air carriers. Own aircraft also make it possible to regulate and direct mail flows across regions, so Russian Post will be able to speed up cargo handling and reduce delivery times.


The new Zhengzhou-Moscow flight will carry ePacket class items (an expedited type of delivery from China). In China itself, ePacket shipments are delivered by EMS China, they quickly pass through the country and are sent for export. Russian Post aircraft TU-204S deliver them directly to Vnukovo airport.


Russian Post is constantly working on optimizing its own supply chains in order to deliver shipments to customers faster. The new flight from Zhengzhou will help us speed up the delivery of goods from Chinese online stores. If the direction turns out to be in demand, in the future the Russian Post will increase the number of flights to 3-4 per week.