Driving license for electric motorcycles and electric bicycles in China: when must receive

According to the head of the non-motorized vehicle management department of the city's motor vehicle administration, the "new national standard" of electric bicycles contains the relevant regulations regarding the speed of electric bicycles.


The maximum speed of electric bicycles must not exceed 25 kilometers per hour, and the battery voltage must not exceed 48 V. If it exceeds this figure and cannot pedal, it is an electric motorcycle.


According to the relevant traffic safety regulations, electric two-wheeled vehicles that do not meet the mandatory national standards for electric bicycles must be included in the scope of motor vehicle driving and driven in accordance with electric motorcycles or electric mopeds.


For such electric motorcycles, all procedures for obtaining license plates and driving license examinations for electric motorcycles are similar to those for motor vehicles. But if the electric motorcycle does not violate the above standard, the electric motorcycle will be considered a non-motor vehicle.


Since the introduction of the "new national standard" for electric bicycles, this news has caused heated discussions, for unlicensed electric bicycles that do not meet the new national standard, that is, "exceeding standard vehicles", they must register, obtain and install temporary license plates. signs and have a 5-year transition period.


At present, if locals want to buy electric motorcycles, they must purchase motorcycles listed in the motor vehicle catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, register them as a motor vehicle, and fall under motor vehicle jurisdiction. They must pass a motorcycle driver's license test and take out insurance.


Citizens must attend various driving schools for training to get a motorcycle driver's license, and then go to a motor vehicle management office to take an exam. If you pass the exam, you can get a motorcycle driver's license.


Currently, motorcycle driving licenses are divided into three types: moped driving license (F license), ordinary two-wheeled motorcycle driving license (E license), and tricycle driving license (D license).


Recall that drivers with a moped driver's license cannot drive ordinary two-wheeled motorcycles and three-wheeled motorcycles, so citizens should carefully choose the type of license when obtaining a motorcycle driver's license