New measures to combat coronavirus in Beijing: gradation and zoning

At  press conference on the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic held in Beijing on May 28, it was stated that Beijing has achieved a decrease in the number of new cases of coronavirus for several days in a row, and the overall epidemic situation in Beijing is on a downward trend. All sporadic cases in selected areas are within the control range, and the current round of the epidemic is effectively under control.


From May 29, urban social preventive and control measures will be actively implemented through zoning and gradation.

Appropriate measures mainly include for epidemic-related key areas such as closed (controlled) areas, their timely release is made after full assessment and conditions are met.


In addition to the closure control zone (administration), Chaoyang, Shunyi, Fangshan and other three districts are reopening buses, subways, taxis and other public transportation; except for shopping malls in the control (management) area of ​​the closure, shopping malls that have been suspended due to the epidemic.


Shopping malls are resuming operations, but it is necessary to moderately control passenger traffic and temporarily close public events such as exhibitions and promotions in areas where there are no new cases of coronavirus for 7 consecutive days.


In areas where there are no new cases of coronavirus for 7 days in a row, libraries, museums, theaters, art galleries, cultural centers, sports and recreation centers (except those located in underground premises) can be opened with a 50% current limit. In the context of anti-epidemic measures, it is necessary to maintain the normal production and operation of enterprises, as well as ensure the safety and stability of the production chain and supply chain.


In order to further consolidate the current favorable situation, the following strict measures are still in place: the resumption of meals in public catering establishments is suspended; colleges and universities continue to implement various closure management measures, suspended the resumption of offline Internet cafes, KTV. At the entrance to various public places it is necessary to measure the temperature, scan the code.