Company was fined a large amount for the sale of counterfeit goods and false advertising

One of the companies produced a batch of women's down jackets under the guise of a well-known brand, without having permission from the copyright holder.
Punishment information shows that one of the companies commissioned another company to produce 80 famous brand down jackets without permission from the trademark owner in July 2021, and 9 of them were sold on the shelves of some department stores in Beijing in September. The production cost of this batch of down jackets was 75 yuan per piece, but the selling price was 1,598 yuan per piece.

The Beijing Xicheng District Market Supervision Bureau finds that the above-mentioned products violate the provisions of Article 50 of the "Quality Law of the People's Republic of China" by selling substandard products under the guise of qualified products, fined 14,382 yuan, confiscated illegal proceeds in 1,322.45 yuan and confiscation of illegal property.

According to the State Office of Market Regulation, as of early 2021, the actual fabric and lining of the women's wool coat of these down jackets are 100% polyester fiber and do not contain wool, which is a false or misleading commercial advertisement, for which the Market Regulation Administration has imposed a fine in the amount of 200,000 yuan.

In February, March and April of the same year, this company was fined several times for the reasons of counterfeiting, selling counterfeit goods, low-quality goods pretending to be qualified goods, because the product characteristics, functions, origin, etc. are inaccurate or unclear, in last year, this company was punished for various problems almost every month