Bougainvillea, the favorite flowers of foreign tourists on Hainan Island, China attract gardeners from around the world to Hainan

Recently, Chinese and foreign experts visited the Flower Base of the Institute of Tropical Horticulture of the Hainan Academy of Agricultural Sciences.


On the same day, a three-day International Symposium on trial and varietal innovations and industrial technologies was held in Haikou, in which more than 70 experts and scientists from India and China took part. The seminar focused on the status quo and development trends of the Hainan bougainvillea industry, breeding technologies and innovative varieties, high-quality and high-performance new technologies.


In recent years, bougainvillea has become the largest landscape plant in South China, and it plays an important role in the field of decorative gardening, it is famous for its flexibility, originality, captivates with a variety of colors and rapid flowering, the plant seems to be flooded with bright flowers.


Blooming bougainvilleas adorn gardens, parks, hedges, territories of private houses, this plant requires not only attention, but also a flight of imagination, a creative approach to its cultivation.