Prices for air tickets to China and Asian countries may grow even more: European airlines are forced to use routes from the times of the USSR

Due to the imposition of sanctions against Russia, the sky over Russia and Belarus was closed for airlines from Europe and America. As a result, many flights between Europe and Asia have become longer by several hours, which affects, among other things, their cost, and European airlines had to remember the air routes of the Soviet era.


Since the end of February 2022, a number of flights and even routes have been canceled that pass over Russia and Belarus and have changed into the air corridors of the planet as a whole, so that some air flights have now increased by several hours, which affects the time of work of airline personnel from European countries in the air and the cost of airfare. Previously, a similar situation was during the Cold War, when the planes of Western airlines flew around the USSR to the side.


Before the imposition of sanctions against Russia, a flight from Istanbul to Moscow used to take less than three hours, and now it takes almost four. The plane from Tel Aviv now flies five and a half instead of three and a half hours. They have two options to change the route: either through Poland, or through Georgia, the Caspian Sea and Kazakhstan, this air corridor is now considered one of the busiest.


But the situation with intercontinental flights from Europe to Asia is much worse. For example, a Finnair flight from Helsinki to Tokyo flew over Russia most of the time, but now this flight flies in the opposite direction, over the North Pole and Alaska, the flight time is now six and a half hours longer. Finnair is canceling flights of this kind for the time being, explaining that they cannot carry out passenger transportation in the previous directions and are reorganizing work in the Asian direction, and earlier this company had half of its income from flights between Asia and Europe.


Currently, due to sanctions, at least 21 airlines from European countries have changed their routes. In addition to problems for passengers, these changes also bring difficulties for airline employees, as well as an increase in the cost of flights, in particular, due to fuel - on average, three additional hours in the sky will cost airlines from European countries 16 thousand dollars for an aircraft of the type Airbus SE A350-900 and passengers will have to pay this price.