For someone else's yellow code the worker was fined in China

There is a case discussed on Chinese social networks when a man in one of the Chinese cities did not want to go to work, and used someone else's yellow code, sent this code to his boss in order to stay at home and receive a salary.


However, the public security authorities established the fact of deception and detained this worker. During interrogation, the man said that he did this because he did not go to work and still receive a salary during a period of isolation at home. So he took a screenshot of the yellow health code from an online store and sent it to his manager, claiming that he could not go to work due to epidemic prevention rules.


Currently, this employee has been brought to administrative responsibility, and the online store entrepreneur is also being investigated by local public security authorities.

Therefore, use only your own health codes, otherwise you will be fined for using someone else's health code.