To attention of oligarchs and people with money: this is the best place for you on the planet

In recent days, Russian social networks have been filled with indignant moans from Russian oligarchs and people of lesser financial wealth, who are outraged by the unfair treatment of their millions and billions of dollars of investments in Europe and North America.


We want to bring to their attention the best place on our planet for people with money right now - this is the resort island of Hainan in China.

Why is Hainan the best place for rich people? And because such an accumulation and concentration of natural, technological and humanitarian benefits, as in Hainan, you will not see anywhere else in the world.


None of the countries in Europe, America or Asia has ever had such conditions for rich people, which Hainan Island in China now offers, I will briefly list the main advantages:


1. Hainan is the largest resort in China, where the Chinese government has already invested hundreds of billions of dollars in the infrastructure of the island and will transfer more, while the goal of the greatest preservation of the ecology of the island is pursued - nowhere else in the world will you see skyscrapers next to natural parks and tropical jungles and nowhere in the world, not even in Singapore, is there such a large public investment in infrastructure.


2. Excellent climate and ecology, for 18 years on the island there are often periods when there is no rain at all for half a year, a bright sunny sky - most of the days of the year. From 2030, the import of gasoline and diesel vehicles will be banned altogether, only electric vehicles, the share of electric vehicles is already one of the highest in China.


3. Excellent and clean beaches for every taste - with calm bays for family people, and beaches with waves - for surfers (the World Surf Championships have been repeatedly held in Hainan).


4. The largest number of international exhibitions, summits, symposiums and other international events in China. The International Economic Forum in Boao in Hainan has been repeatedly visited by the heads of European and American states, Bill Gates, George Soros and other well-known heads of foreign companies have repeatedly visited it.


5. Hainan is China's first new type of open trade port, import and export of a number of goods through Hainan will be more profitable than through any other place in China.


6. Hainan has adopted a new policy to attract foreign investors, with the best conditions in China, and the Chinese yuan is constantly strengthening against the US dollar.


7. A special pilot program for the development of small aviation and the yachting industry has been adopted in Hainan - dozens of yacht marinas equipped according to world standards are always ready to receive yachts of oligarchs, and at the largest luxury exhibition in Asia, which is held in Hainan, and where well-known yacht manufacturers and manufacturers of small aircraft (airplanes and helicopters) - you can always order a new yacht, plane or helicopter.


In general, the advantages of Hainan and its best features can be listed for a long time, for example, do you need business hangouts with foreign politicians and businessmen who will no longer come to Russia? They regularly visit Hainan for summits and exhibitions!


Need luxury goods from boutiques closed in Russia? You can buy in thousands of such boutiques in Hainan!


Do you need a villa on the always warm tropical and clear sea? There are many villas for every taste at your service!


Do you want to continue doing business? No problems! register your company in the Hainan Open Trade Port and do business with any country in the world, along with import and export benefits that you have never been granted in Europe and America!


It so happened that in Hainan, the Chinese government managed to concentrate the best of everything possible in one place, we have been living in Hainan for 18 years, and regularly post photos, videos of Hainan, as well as business news on China and Russia in the Telegram channel - subscribe, ask and see every day update: