Three illegal unregistered kindergartens closed in Sanya, Hainan, China

Three illegal unregistered kindergartens, such as Sanya Xiaohaixing Kindergarten, Sanya Junyi Kindergarten and Sanya Fuxiao Kindergarten, were identified and closed in Sanya, Hainan Island, China.


The departments of education, public safety, fire protection, market surveillance and management, as well as comprehensive administrative law enforcement in Sanya have jointly created a Lead Group for special work to correct undocumented kindergartens.


An investigation at the site of three unregistered kindergartens in Kindergarten Sanya Xiaohaisin, Kindergarten Sanya Junyi and Kindergarten Sanya Fusiao revealed many violations in these three kindergartens. A closing order was issued locally.


The special rectification team for undocumented kindergartens in Sanya has broken down unregistered kindergartens into three categories, in accordance with the “Basic Standards for Kindergartens in Hainan”. Unlicensed kindergartens in accordance with the Basic Standards for kindergartens will be forced to follow the appropriate registration procedures, and for undocumented kindergartens that have not reached the basic conditions, but do not pose serious security risks, they will be issued a correction notice.


 The relevant person in charge of the special group on unlicensed kindergartens stated that all unregistered kindergartens will be registered in Sanya and that they will be dynamically supervised.