The South Shanghai blockchain platform is being implemented on Hainan Island, China

The South Shanghai blockchain platform will implement the Hainan Free Trade Port General Plan and Several Hainan Provincial Policies and Measures to Accelerate the Development of the Blockchain Industry, and will take full advantage of the opportunities and benefits of the blockchain industry development against the background of the port construction free trade Hainan. Solve the problems and challenges facing the industry at the current stage and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation in the province.


The aim of this activity is to organically integrate blockchain technology with applied high-tech industries, e-government, cultural tourism consumption, financial trade, healthcare, modern agriculture and other industries, as well as actively promote the use of blockchain in digital assets, digital application of public affairs, electronic evidence. , digital identity, waypoints, big data transactions, data lending, electronic health records, medical records, commodity tracking, cross-border trade data and other subfields.


These activities are led by the provincial department of industry and information technology and the provincial big data administration, covering 7 main areas, including natural resources and planning, justice, financial management, tourism, health care, international trade and agriculture.


In the course of the opening work, a group of companies will be selected that own the key key blockchain technologies and have strong innovative capabilities to present the list, gradually advance technological breakthroughs and continually improve the capabilities and level of information use; and prepare implementation plans to complete the development and deployment of the platform.


In Hainan province, the work on demonstrating and presenting blockchain applications is divided into 4 stages, namely: centralized publication, application for disclosure, review and selection, and publication of results. The Lead Unit of the Leading Activity Group will release a blockchain application demo and presentation to clarify tasks.


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