Webcam in Haikou (near Sanya), Hainan Island, China - weather in Hainan online, in real time



On any page on, you can now see the webcam in Haikou, Hainan Island, China, which displays the weather in Hainan online, in real time.


The Hainan webcam is a set of fixed images that capture the view of the city of Haikou and part of the sky above it in the last 24 hours, to view all these images, you need to click on the webcam on our website and go on.


A webcam in Haikou (not in Sanya!) On Hainan Island, China is now the only stable webcam on Hainan Island, although there are many sites on the Internet where the Haikou and Sanya webcams on Hainan Island are supposedly located, but they are all non-working.


We could place a more detailed Sanya webcam on our website, with detailed viewing directly on our website, but an experimental test showed that this would cause a significant load on the server and a significant further increase in the hosting fee for our website, and we do not have additional money for expensive hosting.


If you can help the development of the site, then make a money transfer to the accounts listed below (at the bottom of any page of the site) and we will make all the information on our site more detailed, since for the tenth year has been working without the support of island tourism committees Hainan and the cities of Sanya, and we do not have the opportunity to pay for our own expensive hosting, all transport costs and tickets for admission to the sights of Hainan Island, hosting on a hosting site, payment for the work of programmers and translators, tickets for all descriptions nnye site attractions and exhibitions, were bought for personal funds or donations of tourists, we will not let us free, and no one on the site does not do it for free.   


If you want to get free detailed information on tourism in Hainan and Sanya, you can contact those hundreds of news agencies and travel companies whose representatives the tourism committees of Hainan and Sanya provided free transportation, accommodation and free visits to the sights of Hainan for last years.