DORIAN hurricane (tropical storm, typhoon) - track on map, wind speed in USA, Canada from September 5 to September 9, 2019


Hurricane Dorian: current status for September 5, 2019 and forecast until September 9, 2019 - see the video at the top of this article.

Current wind speed 100 knots / 115 miles per hour

The maximum predicted wind speed of 100 knots / 115 mph on Thursday, September 5, 2019 at 11:00 a.m.

Storm wind - a combination of a dangerous storm surge and high tide will result in normally dry areas near the US coast being flooded by rising waters.
Over the next few days, severe unrest will affect the northwestern Bahamas and the entire southeastern coast of the United States from
Florida to North Carolina.

LOCATION: 31.4N 79.6W
MAXIMUM SUSTAINABLE WINDS - 115 mph -185 km / h
TRUE MOTION ... N OR 10 Degrees at 7 mph - 11 KM / H

Storm surge warning valid:
- The mouth of the river of St. Mary in Pokuozon V.A.
- Rivers Neuse and Pamlico
- Hampton Roads

A hurricane warning applies to:
- North of the Savannah River to the North Carolina and Virginia border

Tropical Storm Warning:
- The mouth of the St. Mary's River to the Savannah River
- Border between North Carolina and Virginia and Chincoteague, Virginia
- Chesapeake Bay from Smith Point South

Dorian moves north at about 7 mph (11 km / h). On the forecast track, the center of Dorian will continue to approach the South Carolina coast this morning, moving closer to the South Carolina coast later today.
Some fluctuations in intensity are expected, this morning a slow weakening followed until Saturday.

Hurricane winds extend up to 60 miles (95 km) from the center, and tropical storm winds extend outward up to 195 miles (315 km). A steady wind of 49 mph (79 km / h) with a gust of wind up to 57 mph (92 km / h).

The minimum central pressure reported by the Air Force aircraft was 957 mb (28.26 inches).

Tropical storm conditions currently affect the South Carolina coast. Hurricane conditions are expected along part of the South Carolina coast.

Storm surge:

Palm Island in Myrtle Beach SC - 5 to 8 Feet
Savannah River on Palm Island SC 4 to 7 Feet
Myrtle Beach SC to Cape Lookout NC 4 to 7 Feet
Cape Lookout NC - Duck NC, including the sounds of Pamlico and Albemarl
and the rivers Nuse and Pamlico ... from 4 to 6 feet
3 to 5 feet north of the mouth of the St. Mary's River to the Savannah River
Hampton Roads 2 to 4 Feet

 Dorian will produce the following rainfall until friday:

Carolina Coast - 6 to 12 inches
The far southeast of Virginia is 3 to 6 inches.

Life-threatening storm surges and hazardous winds are expected along sections of the coast of Georgia, South Carolina and North
Carolina, and parts of southeast Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay, regardless of the exact trace of the center of Dorian.
Water levels may rise long before strong winds.