Arrest for 10 days for illegal access to the street during home isolation

Citizen Wu is known to have returned to Yingde from Shanghai on March 25, so according to epidemic prevention and control regulations, home isolation measures should have been taken. However, when the home isolation period did not expire, Wu left the isolation site without permission and went to several public places.


Citizen Wu was identified as a close contact due to a confirmed case on the same flight. His behavior created a potential risk of transmission of the epidemic and seriously affected the daily lives of the inhabitants. The circumstances were serious, therefore, in relation to citizen Wu, who was released from centralized isolation, the local public security body issued a decision to punish him in the form of administrative arrest for 10 days in accordance with the law.


Epidemic prevention and control is the responsibility of everyone, so those who voluntarily go out during home isolation refuse to participate in nucleic acid testing, deliberately hide their route, refuse to cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work, and create the risk of transmission epidemic, will be subject to legal liability in accordance with the law.