Export of cars and vehicle parts from China and other countries to Russia may become one of the fastest growing business areas

On March 29, 2022, the Government of the Russian Federation issued Decree No. 506, which allows the import of goods into Russia without the consent of the trademark owner.


In fact, this means a return to the so-called "gray" imports, for which a completely official euphemism has now been coined - "parallel imports". The explanatory documents of the Government of the Russian Federation say that this is not about the legalization of counterfeit products, but about the supply of original products "through alternative channels." However, in fact, the previously existing ban on the import of goods with unlawful use of the trademark was lifted from a certain category of goods.


Earlier in Russia, when importing cars, components for assembly and spare parts across the border, the official representative office of a particular brand (or official distributor) presented documents at customs confirming the consent of the trademark owner to deliveries. This mechanism was once introduced precisely at the request of copyright holders - in order to avoid losses from unauthorized import of goods.


Therefore, the abolition of this mechanism in the current conditions will help official dealers, especially European brands, to survive, as employees of automobile dealerships in Russia believe, because now it is impossible to legally import spare parts more than 300 euros into Russia from the European Union, which actually makes it impossible to repair car components and assemblies, and as well as body repairs.


Until March 29, 2022, that is, before the issuance of Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 506, the customs service, when forming a request, was guided by the “Customs Register of Intellectual Property Objects”, which contains “Documents on the Protectability of Intellectual Property Objects”, images of trademarks, registration numbers of certificates etc. For example, customs required the consent of the copyright holder for the delivery of any "vehicles on the ground" if they carried the inscription "MERCEDES-BENZ", and now this may not be required.


 However, for now, you should know that despite the fact that Government Decree No. 506 dated March 29, 2022 came into force, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has not yet compiled a list of goods whose import does not require the consent of the trademark owner, but there is a high probability that spare parts (and , probably the cars themselves) will be among the first to be included in this list.