At the Sanya Railway Station, Hainan Province, China, the passenger was returned a suitcase with lost money

Recently, Chen Zhaoyang, Sanya Station Complex Controller, was called by the head of the D7256 train, Zhu Shenlei: “The passenger of the D7256 train lost a black suitcase with 40,000 yuan in cash, apparently at the train station. Please check the waiting rooms at the train station. ” Chen Zhaoyang immediately told the attendant, Li Zhen, to look for the lost suitcase in the waiting rooms.


Li Zhen carefully examined every corner of the waiting room, not finding a suitcase for a long time, but finally found a suitcase at the corner of KFC. Later, duty officer Li Zhen contacted the railway police, where they considered all the lost things: a black 18-inch suitcase with 40,000 yuan, a mobile phone, a few things and car keys.


Then the passenger returned to Sanya station at 12:20 pm to pick up the lost things and said that he had breakfast at this KFC on the same day at 9:30 and forgot to take his hand luggage with him. The passenger expressed gratitude for the returned suitcase.


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