Quest for treasure Quest Dongshan in the mountains of the Dongshan Ridge of Hainan Island will be held from November 24, 2017 until December 30, 2017

Owners of the Dongshan Ridge Cultural Tourist Zone will conduct a "happy treasure hunt, Quest Dongshan", where anyone, guided by local guides, can search for hidden treasures in the Dongshan Mountain Range of Hainan Island. As a treasure are various souvenirs, usually sold in local souvenir shops, and so everyone can find and pick them up completely free until December 30, 2017.  Dongshan Mountain Range is located on the shore of the South China Sea, 60 kilometers from the city of Wanning, around the mountain is located a beautiful mountain park Dongshan Ridge, which is very popular in Hainan Province. Dongshan Mountain is called the first mountain of Hainan for the beauty of its unique landscapes and ancient cultural monuments, from the earliest times Dongshan Mountain is a place of Buddhist pilgrimage, it is here that the famous temples of Huafeng, Chaoyin, Donglin, as well as the monument to Li Ghana, temple of the Uguntsy.
Создано: 24 ноября 2017