Hainan International Yacht Industry Show 2020 will be held in Haikou from December 11-13, 2020

The Hainan International Yachting Industry Show 2020 will be held in Haikou from December 11-13, 2020 at the National Sailing Base. The aim of this Yacht Expo is to promote the creation of an experimental zone for the reform and development of the Hainan yachting industry, fully explore the international experience and actively explore new ways for high-quality development of the yacht industry in accordance with the national conditions of China, and fully unleash the unique advantages of Hainan and effectively promote the construction of an international tourism consumption center of Hainan.


This exhibition received wide and strong support from all walks of life. Water Transport Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, Haikou International Investment Promotion Bureau, Hainan Branch of China Classification Society, Hainan Broadcasting Film and Television Media Group Co., Ltd. Company, Hainan Cruise and Yacht Association, Haikou China Travel Service, Haikou Hailu Wharf Management Co., Ltd. and other units and groups actively participated and actively supported, so that the quality of this exhibition is fully guaranteed and the brand effect of the exhibition is also reflected.


So far, over a hundred yacht companies have registered for this show, and the list includes leading brands of yachts, sailboats, fishing boats and motor boats at home and abroad. Many professional meetings, such as the forum, not only ensure the professionalism of the exhibition, but also attract a large number of yacht enthusiasts who want to try and take part in the grand event.


In addition, various activities are wonderfully organized, besides trapeze shows and mermaid shows, there are also Yachts, motorboat trials, parent and child sailing regattas, boat owners' night receptions, etc. There will also be a gourmet area on site to show delicacies from different regions.


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