Hainan's First International Education Exhibition was held in Sanya, Hainan, China

From December 26 to December 28, 2019, the first International Exhibition of Cultural Education in Hainan was held. The award ceremony of the International Academy will take place at the Tsinghua University International Mathematics Forum Center in Sanya.


Hainan's first international cultural education exhibition consists of thematic conferences such as research, study tours, camp training and educational complexes, among which science and study tours are the main event of this exhibition. A “study tour” is an innovative form of bringing school education and extracurricular education closer to a new era, which can effectively combine study and travel experience.


This year, the exhibition will also host a keynote address, six thematic forums and a round table on investment and financing in education, group learning and operations management, the main leadership, curricula and learning resources, smart campuses and future schools, as well as international preschool education. Measurement, exchange of research results and practical experience in the field of international education.


In addition, this exhibition will violate the traditional exhibition format and allow Sanya residents to take a closer look at the new education system through the participation of well-known institutions in China and abroad.


The first international exhibition of cultural education in Hainan is held under the direction and with the support of the Department of Education of Hainan and the People’s Government of Sanya, it is organized by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce of Sanya and the Municipal Bureau of Education, the International Confucian Education Group, the Hainan Bafang Convention and Exhibition Group.


The organizers of this event did not provide an opportunity for HAINANWEL.COM representatives to attend this event for free, and for our own money we are not able to buy tickets and give more details about this event, post photos and videos.


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