Improving the design of a website or online store

The design of your website or online store should satisfy the ideas of your target group of clients about the design of websites in the market of your activity, therefore it is unacceptable and strange for clients to post a large number of pictures on the websites of legal companies or financial organizations, clients who are looking for information on such websites for solving their problems, rather than satisfy their aesthetic preferences.


All pages of your website or online store should adhere to a single design style so that your customers do not have the thought that going to another section of the website, they end up on the pages of a completely different Internet resource, where they have to get used to the arrangement of menu modules and blocks. with the information they need. The specialists of the company "PRAGMA" will remake the design of your website or online store so that the style of your website is fully consistent with the corporate style and the direction of your company.


We will create a design of your site with easy-to-read and noticeable fonts, images on your site will be correctly displayed on any monitors and in any browsers, and the general functionality of the site will fully correspond to the design of the site - the purpose of all menu buttons and navigation modules will be available and intuitive to your customers at first sight.


By entrusting the optimization of the design of your website or online store to the specialists of our company, you entrust the optimization of the design to experienced and responsible webmasters .


The cost of PRAGMA LLC services for optimizing the design of a website or online store is from 15 thousand rubles per month - to order this service, write to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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