More than 70 talent policies have been formulated in Hainan Province, China

The 13th System Innovation Salon was held at the Free Trade Bureau of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee, to which Chen Lei, Director of the Talent Development Bureau of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Talent Bureau of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee, were invited to discuss "the reform of the Hainan Island talent system in innovation ".


Director Chen Lei elaborated on the achievements of Hainan talent work in four areas: core government support for talent policy, preliminary results of innovations in the talent system and mechanism, key service guarantee policies since April 13, and innovations in Hainan Free Trade Port talent policy. Since April 13, 2018, the province has formulated more than 70 different types of talent policies, including 4 comprehensive policies, 12 talent development system and mechanism reform policies, 11 key industry talent development policies and 8 core talent development policies, 7 fund management policies 9 international talent policies, especially regarding talent service guarantees, a total of 23 policies have been issued covering talent calculation, settlement, home purchase, car purchase, child education, spouse employment, health insurance, etc.


The Hainan Free Trade Port System Innovation Salon is an important knowledge-sharing platform for deep reforms in Hainan Province (proposed by the Free Trade Port Working Committee) to study policy, explore innovation, and promote reform. It aims to establish other divisions and bureau of deep reform of the provincial party committee (office of the working committee of the port of free trade), to provide a communication bridge in system integration and innovation, to meet the needs of closer discussion, communication, cooperation and exchange of experience between the business highways of various divisions, while at the same time discovering reform ideas, improving professional standards and improving business skills.


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