From June 1, 2022 in Shanghai it is planned to fully restore the normal production and life order

According to Chinese media, on May 16, 2022, a press conference was held in Shanghai on the work on the prevention and control of coronavirus, at which it was reported that from June 1, 2022, it is planned to fully restore the normal production and life order in Shanghai, while it is necessary go through three main steps.


Stage one: From May 16 to May 21, the focus will be on reducing the new rise in coronavirus cases, further reducing the number of people in closed and controlled areas, orderly opening of prevention zones, restricting movement and effective control, and the city will maintain a low level of social activity.


The second stage: the stage of transition to normalized prevention and control. From May 22 to May 31, the number of new cases of coronavirus in one day should decrease even more, and the closure and control zones, as well as the volume of control and control zones, should be constantly reduced until the lockdown is completely lifted.


The third stage: the stage of complete restoration of the normal production and household structure of the entire city. From June 1 to the end of June, with strict prevention of the recurrence of the epidemic and controlled risks, the normalized management of epidemic prevention and control will be fully implemented, and the normal production and housing order in the city will be fully restored.


 According to the relevant agreements, Shanghai shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies and other retail outlets will gradually and in due course resume offline operations starting from May 16. Catering services, haircuts and coloring will resume gradually and in an orderly manner. Catering services implement online and offline takeaway food delivery. Haircut, laundry and coloring services are subject to phased peak and current limits.


 The latest statistics show that at present, the number of active outlets in Shanghai has increased from less than 1,400 at its lowest point to 10,625, and daily delivery orders have reached 5 million.


 The director of the Shanghai Municipal Commerce Commission, said at a press conference that as of May 14, 12 key supermarket chains in Shanghai had a total of 1,625 stores and 1,193 stores, of which 183 were offline stores. The 15 key convenience store chains in Shanghai have a total of 6,208 stores and 2,214 actual stores, including 673 offline stores and 1,541 online stores. At present, various areas and related businesses are preparing to resume offline online shopping business.


 Express delivery couriers play an important role in ensuring the delivery of live materials. The Shanghai Municipal Commerce Commission and the Shanghai Postal Administration continue to promote the whitelisting of delivery service companies and personnel and implement dynamic management. As of May 14, there were a total of 118,000 whitelisted delivery service employees in Shanghai, including 106,000 delivery service employees from e-commerce platforms, supermarkets and catering companies, and 12,000 couriers.


 As the epidemic situation continues to improve, businesses and retailers will take more active steps to reopen work and the market, more and more outlets will open, and citizens will enjoy more and better commercial services.


 According to relevant requirements, businesses must develop epidemic prevention and control plans before resuming operations, carry out preventive disinfection of the facility environment, fully implement facility codes, and strictly control exit and entry.