From January to November 2020, 32,200 jobs were created in Sanya City, more than the annual target

The Sanya City Human Resources and Welfare Office reported that 32,200 jobs were created in Sanya City from January to November 2020, more than the annual target.


Since the beginning of this year, Sanya has reportedly adjusted its production structure, optimized employment conditions, actively helped enterprises stabilize jobs and expanded employment opportunities; on the other hand, it has improved the quality of workers, including increased academic qualifications and skills, and achieved more adequate and higher quality.


In addition, the city has also set up a service guarantee mechanism to provide accurate services for reopening work and production, introduce integrated services, strengthen labor docking and promote employment, create anti-poverty bases to reduce jobs nearby, and rationalize social services to promote employment. Implement professional development training to comprehensively improve employment opportunities.


Sanya is also actively building a service platform for the supply and demand of jobs and the export of labor, and is also hosting a special poverty alleviation job fair to send jobs to villages and households to help them find jobs nearby. As of November 30, the city has hosted a total of 14 job fairs to combat poverty, providing 4,300 jobs.


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