Wechat: red envelope limit increased to 520 yuan

   As we all know, under normal circumstances, the WeChat red envelope limit is limited to 200 yuan, and more than 200 yuan can only be sent by transfer.
But on February 14, Valentine's Day, many couples exchange gifts and send red envelopes on this day to show their love. The homonym of the number 520 is "I love you." WeChat is also clearly aware of this situation and has taken some action today.

   A WeChat spokesperson said that WeChat's red envelope limit has been increased from 200 yuan to 520 yuan, and three special conditions have been added to Valentine's Day red envelopes.
It is worth noting that in general, special amounts in Wechat, such as 520 yuan / 1314 yuan / 9999 yuan, can have a special meaning, which are gifts and are non-refundable upon parting.

   WeChat devotes a lot of time to processing red envelopes: during the Spring Festival of the year of the Tiger, more than 380 million red envelopes were issued, more than 5 billion red envelopes with covers were sent and received.
Many companies release exclusive red envelope covers, and WeChat's official red envelope cover costs 1 yuan, which, given the number of red envelopes issued, is a significant income.

   In the future, WeChat promises to develop an even more interesting way to send red envelopes