Punishment for slander on Chinese social media and spreading false and defamatory information about others

Many foreigners in China do not understand that Chinese social media is very different from social media in other countries - in Chinese social media, your identity can be quickly and unambiguously established, no matter what information or photo you provide in your accounts for the purpose of hiding your true identity.


Therefore, those who spread slander or other unreliable and discrediting information to other persons are at great risk, since not only legal liability is provided for insult, but they will also have to pay compensation for moral damage.


Over the past few days, the Chinese media have been discussing the case of a woman from Nanjing who posted messages on her social networks that contained slander about her son's ex-girlfriend. And this girl sued her former mother-in-law, as a result, this Nanjing woman had to publicly apologize and pay 5,000 yuan in moral damages.


According to the Chinese Civil Code, an organization or individual cannot infringe on the reputational rights of others through insults, slander, and the like. In case of infringement of the personal rights and interests of an individual and infliction of serious moral damage, the victim has the right to demand compensation for moral damage. The perpetrator bears civil liability in the form of elimination of impact, restoration of reputation and apology for violation of individual rights.