Yields of salt tolerant rice in Hainan reached record 600 kg per 1 mu

Two varieties of salt tolerant rice, Chaoyouqian and Sanyouyi, were planted in Hainan Island, China at 3% salinity. The National Research Center for Salt Alkaline Rice Technology in Sanya (hereinafter referred to as the Research Base) has nearly 100 rice fields, in 2021 the first batch of planted salt tolerant rice is growing well. two varieties of rice, Chaoyouqian and Sanyouyi, aim to reach the target of 600 kg per mu at 3% salinity.


Sowing on December 16, 2020 and replanting on January 14, 2021 in a highly productive demonstration area of ​​over 40 acres of salt tolerant rice at the research base, and the rice seedlings will be watered in 3 days. China has more than 100 million mu of saline and alkaline lands with salinity less than 3%. Chaoyouqian and Sanyouyi are pilot varieties suitable for these saline lands. The yield per mu is 508.4 kg, and the highest yield of the embankment is 547.5 kg. In 2021, Chaoyuqian will be studied, hoping to continuously increase the yield of salt-alkali-resistant rice.


It is worth mentioning that based on the good work done to research salt-alkaline rice with less than 3% salinity, the research base will continue to conduct screening tests at 6% salinity this year and more than 40 acres of paddy fields will be provided to the center for co-cultivation.


China has 1.5 billion acres of barren salt marsh land, which is an important reserve resource for the country's arable land. The National Salt and Alkali Tolerant Rice Technology Innovation Center is led by the Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center and merged with the Sanya Nanfan Research Institute, Hainan University, Qingdao Marine Rice Research and Development Center, Ltd., Hunan Agricultural Academy. Of Sciences, Guangdong Ocean University, Hunan Agricultural University, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hunan University and Yuan Longping Agricultural High-Tech Co., Ltd. The main research base of the center's head office is located in the Yazhou Bei Science and Technology City, Sanya. At the same time, industrial research institutes and branches, test stations, bases and other branches were created.


In 2020, the research base carried out the first test of salt tolerant rice planting in Sanya. 94 grades and 1500 materials were tested at 6% salinity. It was found that 8 varieties, including the OH series and Haiyou No. 4, can produce normal fruit. It exhibits strong salt tolerance and provides the genetic material for the selection and breeding of salt tolerant rice varieties.


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