Fake 2019-nCoV virus epidemic in Hainan, China without an epidemic: 22 sick, closure of bus routes, culprits of hysteria

As of January 27, 2020, on Hainan Island, China, 22 cases were detected (no deaths), of which: in the city of Sanya (Dadonghai) - 8 people, in the city of Wanning - 5 people, in the city of Haikou - 3 people, Linshui city - 1 person; in Danzhou city - 3 people; in Lingga district - 1 person; in Chenmai city - 1 person.


 From 3:00 p.m. on January 26, 2020, the Sanya City Transport Bureau in Hainan, China, to prevent and control a new type of pneumonia epidemic, block the transmission of the virus and curb the spread of the virus 2019-nCoV decided to suspend bus lines in Sanya .


However, while buses continue to operate on routes 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 24, 27, 28, 29, 40, 52, 53, 57 and custom bus lines, a full schedule and a map of the movement of these bus routes are on our website and forum.


 The Sanya Bureau of Market Surveillance and Market Management has issued “Recommendations on Maintaining Price and Stability in the Period of Pneumonia Caused by New Coronavirus Infections,” in which all merchants in Sanya in Hainan were encouraged to provide consumers with reasonable prices and related products without violating normal conditions.


If any stores and merchants unlawfully raise prices for their goods, the Market Supervision Department will seriously investigate and deal with this. If the circumstances are serious, a fine of between 1 million and 5 million yuan is imposed; if the circumstances are serious, the company must receive an order to suspend the business for correction or the market surveillance department will cancel its license to conduct business.


We are closely monitoring the development of the situation with the virus 2019-nCoV, and since on our site all the news is published simultaneously in Russian and in  in English, then we monitor both English-language sources and it should be noted that the unprecedented hysteria with the 2019-nCoV virus on Hainan Island is inflated by Russian-language media, the English-language media pay much less attention to this issue, and those Russian-language media are especially trying to with which the Hainan Provincial Tourism Committee and the Sanya Tourism Committee cooperate, while the information in these media is often presented as if almost a real apocalypse had begun on Hainan, As virtually unnoticed by foreign tourists who continue to relax and swim at sea, it is not clear to us why these Russian-language media post along with text about Hainan Island photographs of people with earflaps and warm clothes on the background of empty streets and closed shops, which were made in a few thousand kilometers from Hainan Island in Wuhan - never on Hainan Island have worn such clothes, it is quite hot for this and this information has nothing to do with reality.


While friends of the Hainan Provincial Tourism Committee and the Sanya Tourism Committee from the Russian-language media are distorting information about the development of the 2019-nCoV virus situation, their friends from travel agencies, under the pretext of the presence of the virus, decided to additionally make money on tourists by deceit, so in one of the Russian social groups The network received a message that the travel agency Tartus-tour refused both to provide the tour and to refund, namely this message: "Does anyone have tours purchased from Tartus-tour? Should have flown 30.0 1. 01/25 sent a request to cancel the application and an application for a refund .. Yesterday Tartus tour deleted all contacts from the site, today my applications have been deleted in the personal account, they don’t get in touch. "


And the Rustur travel agency reported the “evacuation” of tourists from Hainan Island, however, if you look, this “evacuation” was caused not by the actual presence of the 2019-nCoV virus, but by the fact that all excursions on Hainan Island were canceled and attractions were closed, therefore it’s closed the main cash flow from tourists, because of it fell the profitability of the activities of this travel agency, and not the presence of a sharply increased number of cases of the virus.  


In our opinion, the use of the words "epidemic", "evacuation" and similar words from the arsenal of the apocalypse has nothing to do with the situation with the 2019-nCoV virus on Hainan Island, China - it is only in the revenues of travel agencies that the epidemic of falling profitability began, and the real situation with the 2019-nCoV virus in Hainan is as follows: according to statistics, there are now about 30 million people on Hainan Island, taking into account the number of people infected with the 2019-nCoV virus in Hainan, roughly one infected 2019- nCoV virus per one million people Hainan! Where is the epidemic? Where is the reason for the evacuation? This is a fake epidemic, it really isn’t! The number of cases of common flu is several thousand times higher!


If these same Russian-language media or travel agencies reported the evacuation of the population, for example, the cities of Moscow, Russia, under the pretext that 15 out of the 15 million population of the city had the virus, then these travel agencies and media in Russia would expect large fines and even closure for misinformation, and on the Hainan Island the Committee on Tourism of the Hainan Province and the Committee on Tourism of Sanya do not react at all to this situation and remain almost completely silent, which leads to uncontrolled behavior of these media and travel agencies and panic with edi turistov- all social networks are inundated with messages about the cancellation of tours to Hainan Island.


At the same time, it is precisely with these travel companies and the media that the Hainan Provincial Tourism Committee and the Sanya Tourism Committee cooperate, they are considered by them as the main assistants for the development of tourism on the Hainan Island, however these “assistants” are concerned exclusively with their own incomes and are practically ready destroy international tourism on Hainan, which we are now observing.


We draw your attention to the fact that the sights and bus routes on Hainan Island are closed not because of the large number of patients, who are actually much fewer than those with ordinary flu, but in order to create preventive barriers for the further increase in the number of patients with the 2019-nCoV virus.


Doctors at the Wuhan University Hospital in China reported that symptoms of high fever and coughing were already evident in the later stages of the 2019-nCoV virus, and in the beginning, the development of 2019-nCoV virus pneumonia can manifest as diarrhea, nausea, headaches, chest tightness.


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