International Tourism Forum 2017 will be held in Boao, Hainan, China on November 19, 2017

The International Tourist Forum in Boao will be held as one of the supporting events for the International Festival of Hainan Island in 2017, the forum will be devoted to a new trend of development of international tourism and communication with the theme "Global Wisdom of Travel Communication and China Path II", opening trade barriers in tourism and communications, strengthening exchanges between the tourism industry at home and abroad and developing the tourism industry. The second session of the International Tourist Forum in Boao will continue to follow the previous practice, therefore many well-known domestic and foreign experts in the field of tourism were invited to this forum, this year they are: Deputy Director of the Tourism Board of the State of Hawaii, Chief Operating Officer: Randy Baldmore, Director School of Tourism Management Ted Rogers, University of Ryerson, Canada. Professor: Frederick Dummans, Chairman of the Institute of Tourism, Larry Dwyer, former Tourism Director of Canada, Gray Claeson, Chairman of JBM Inc, member of Asian video consultant Goto Haruki, travel expert in the US Stephen Henson, former director of Taiwan Tourism Bureau Si-Lin Liu, Professor business school of Oxford University Brooks, marketing specialist Robert van der Vein and Jan Khan, deputy general secretary of the World Association of Tourism Cities (WTCF). The forum invited guests: "Hawaiian Tourism Secretariat: Aloha balance strategy, use of immigrants to change tourism, trends and prospects for the development of global tourism, film implantation - the brand branding approach. During the last two days of the 2nd International Forum on Tourism in Boao in 2017, experts and scientists participating in the forum, as well as an elite team actively involved in the tourism marketing industry will also conduct a two-day excursion around the island of international tourism in Hainan and discover for themselves International tourist island, together with the province of Hainan.