New opportunities to enter China for foreigners and students: an extended version of the International Health Certificate may be launched in 2022

Several Chinese media outlets reported that the foreign minister had said that the duty of diplomacy is to serve the people and ease their worries. Diplomacy will continue to adhere to the principle of being people-oriented, caring for ordinary people, and in 2022 will focus on three things:


1. Creation of a "Smart Consular Platform".


It is planned to open more convenient service points and improve digital consular services.


2. Creation of a “Coronavirus Security System Abroad”.


Overseas security risk early warning is provided to guide overseas businesses to strengthen security and ensure travelers are more efficient and timely in security.


3. Creation of a "Healthy Travel Plan".

An upgraded version of the "fast lane" for personnel exchange between China and foreign countries is envisaged, and the launch of an expanded version of the "International Travel Health Certificate" is envisaged to ensure safe, healthy and convenient cross-border travel.


According to Chinese media reports, it can be predicted that the healthy travel plan can be extended from individuals, as it is now, to the general public, allowing more people to travel safely and quickly across borders for personnel exchanges between China and foreign countries.


However, the exact details of the implementation of the above three points have not yet been reported, it has not been indicated exactly when the above systems will be created in 2022, but the fact that there is a new hope for foreign students and foreign workers to get to China is already important.