Punishment for taking secret photos, posting information about other people and violating privacy in China

In recent days, Chinese media and social media have been discussing a case that occurred in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, where a girl from the Normal University secretly took private photos of her roommate for several months and sent them to her boyfriend for viewing, which shocked everyone. After the incident was exposed, on April 6, the Pedagogical University sentenced the girl to a fine.


In this regard, netizens expressed their shock and anger, many netizens believe that the punishment at school is a little lenient, and such wrong behavior and thinking should be immediately ruled out.


The lawyer said that the girl's behavior seriously violated the privacy of her roommate. According to the Civil Code, anyone who violates the privacy rights of others is responsible for stopping the violation, eliminating the consequences, making an apology and paying damages.


In addition, according to the law, those who secretly take pictures of other people's private lives should be detained for up to 5 days or fined up to 500 yuan; under more serious circumstances, they must be detained for 5 to 10 days and may also be fined more than 500 yuan.


Violators of the above provisions may be detained and fined in accordance with the law. If the action was committed by mutual agreement, all persons participating in the agreement must bear the appropriate responsibility.