VIDEO: how caught a crocodiles, that escaped into the river in Yibin, Sichuan province, China

Recently, due to heavy rains in many places in Sichuan, the water level in the rivers has risen. Six crocodiles from a village farm in Zhaochang Subdistrict, Xuzhou District, Yibin City suddenly disappeared. The Xuzhou District Swimming Association of Yibin City issued an emergency notice, and the local police and the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs intervened in the investigation.


On the afternoon of May 9, the Xuzhou District Swimming Association of Yibin City issued a group announcement to urgently inform all swimmers: "Six crocodiles escaped into the Jinsha River due to heavy rain, please pay attention and tell each other," this emergency notice was repeated three times in a row.


Subsequently, the reporter learned from the police in Yibin City and Xuzhou District that the police are currently looking into the matter to further check the situation. The Xuzhou District Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau also tried to sort out the situation.


On the morning of May 10, the media in Yibin City broadcast the news that 2 crocodiles were caught, and at about 2:30 at night, during the search and investigation work of the relevant departments, three more crocodiles were found, later the last of the six missing crocodiles was caught (see video above ).