If business license and seal lost in China, what should a foreigner do and how to restore documents and a seal for a Chinese company to a foreigner?

What should a foreigner do in China if the business license and seal are lost? Many foreigners do not know what to do if the business license and seal are lost, but there are approved procedures in China:


1. Business license renewal procedures:

(1) Newspaper Application: If the business license and official seal are lost, a newspaper application must first be made.

(2) Report the loss of a business license: the legal representative must go to the police station of the area where the registered company of a foreigner in China is located to report it;

(3) Contact your city's Bureau of Industry and Commerce to reissue a business license: Materials required to reapply a business license include an "Application for Renewal of a Business License" signed by a legal representative, a statement in a newspaper, and a meeting decision shareholders on the renewal of the license (signature and seal of the legal representative).


2. Procedures for reissuing the official seal of the company:

(1) Since the official seal is kept by the public security office, the legal representative must bring the original and a copy of the business license to the local police station to report the case and obtain a certificate.

(2) With the original and a photocopy of this certificate, the original and a photocopy of the business license, make a statement in a government daily newspaper above the municipal level that the official seal is invalid.

(3) Applying for a new seal: Contact the public security department of the local public security agency to apply for a new seal. Materials to bring include a copy of the business license, details of the legal entity and shareholders, records of changes to the business license, and the original newspaper.