Limits for money transfers in WeChat, Alipay and through bank cards in China

With the popularity of electronic payments, fewer and fewer people use cash payments. Most people use platforms such as WeChat and Alipay to pay in the process of paying for daily consumption or transferring money.


And when a lot of people use WeChat and Alipay to pay, sometimes they see a limit reminder. In particular, the transaction amount exceeds the specified maximum amount and cannot be carried out in the usual way.


This "reminder" is actually very common. It is set by the payment platform to protect the rights and interests of users. In general, the two most used platforms, such as Alipay and WeChat, now have a limit of 200,000 yuan.


First of all, let's take Alipay as an example. If you pay with Alipay balance, the daily limit is 200,000 RMB. If the limit is exceeded, the wallet cannot be used for normal transactions for a year, and you can only pay with a bank card.


However, if you pay with a bank card on the Alipay platform, you cannot transfer money by accident and there are still restrictions. Alipay's specific limit will be set according to the different quotas set by major banks, so when the Alipay platform uses bank card transactions, if the transaction amount is relatively large, there will also be an "excessive reminder".


WeChat is the same, its two transaction methods "receive and pay" and "wallet" have limitations. If you use "collect and pay" transactions, you can make transfers from bank cards, but there will be a limit of 200,000 yuan per day.


If you use the "wallet" transaction, you can transfer money, but there is also a limit of 200,000 yuan per day. This limit is the same as Alipay balance limit.


Obviously, Alipay and WeChat have similar mechanisms in terms of "over limit", in particular, the balance usage limit is 200,000 yuan per day, and transactions that exceed the balance will be blocked for a certain period of time.


When using bank card transactions on these two platforms, there will also be restrictions, and specific limits will be set by large banks. As for bank transfer, there are also quota limits, but compared to Alipay and WeChat, the bank is a large transaction platform, so the quota should be lower.


Generally speaking, there is a special “limited amount” in banking rules, which is the standard for large-value transactions. If the user exceeds this standard during a bank transfer, although the transaction is not terminated directly, it will be taken over by the bank.


As for the amount of this large-value transaction norm, before 2016 it was 200,000 yuan, but after that, in accordance with the latest provisions of the Administrative Measures for Financial Institutions, this norm was reduced to 50,000 yuan.


That is, once the transaction amount exceeds RMB 50,000, the user can be "targeted" and the bank will carefully investigate the user's normal transactions to determine whether the transactions are illegal.