Police in Sanya on the island of Hainan, China pays compensation for helping in the investigation of crimes

The Municipal Public Security Bureau of Sanya City published "Incentive Measures" for those who helped in the investigation of crimes, now the highest reward for informants is 500,000 yuan.

Earlier, the biggest reward for reporting a crime in Sanya was 51,000 yuan, but in reality the biggest reward that was paid was 30,000 yuan, only in July 2018 in Sanya City were encouraged by cash payments of 6 people who helped detain people, who snatched up mobile phones from tourists, and was also encouraged by a cash prize of 2,000 yuan a man who helped the police find a thief who stole an electric moped.

In Sanya City on the Hainan Island, public security authorities actively promote and encourage people to report any illegal crimes and evidence to the public security organs in a timely manner, and public security authorities will give appropriate rewards in accordance with the "incentive method".


Created: 19 August 2018