Tourism News of Hainan Island, China: Sanya presented a three-year plan for the implementation of the project "Cultural Relics + Tourism"

The Sanya City Council on the Hainan Island, China published the "Cultural Relics + Tourism" project implementation plan, which will be implemented through the construction of a prehistoric cultural relics park and an archaeological park.

In Sanya, in the next three years, it is planned to build prehistoric cultural relics in the upper reaches of the Ningyuan River in the Yazhou District as
prehistoric settlement of people.

The prehistoric park in Sanya will create a pilot project that includes the prehistoric culture of pastoral agriculture, as well as research and tourism in terms of modern historical and cultural heritage, Sanya will promote projects of demonstration and use of modern historical districts of Yazhou, Baoping village, Bauching and Meishan villages, where will be built a variety of museums and gift shops.

Создано: 06 июля 2018