Three men were convicted and imprisoned for illegally selling and buying parrots in Hainan, China

Recently, the Sanya City People's Court opened trials for defendants Yu Muhua and Liu Mukong, who had illegally sold precious and endangered wildlife, and accused Lin Moping, who had made an illegal acquisition. In the event of an endangered wildlife crime, all three defendants were sentenced.


It turned out that in the first half of 2019, Yu Muhua turned to Liu Mukun in Vannin to help him sell an eclectic parrot (Red-Winged Green Parrot). After Liu Mukong contacted Lin Muping, Lin Muping expressed his willingness to buy. They agreed on a price of 4800 yuan for an eclectic parrot.


Defendant Yu Mukhua was sentenced to ten months in prison, Liu Mukun was sentenced to six months in prison, defendant Lin Muping was sentenced to eight months in prison for buying a parrot.


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Created: 20 December 2019