To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, the Hainan Provincial Museum opened an exhibition of cultural relics and historical materials dedicated to 23 years of revolutionary struggle on the island of Hainan - from 1927 to 1950.


This exhibition presents the heroic epic of the 23-year struggle of the peoples of Hainan in a comprehensive and multi-platform form through an online broadcast and an offline exhibition. After the massacre of Coconut Village in 1927 and before the liberation of Hainan in 1950, a revolutionary armed force emerged under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.


During the Agrarian Revolution, the Japanese War of Resistance and the War of Liberation, Hainan Island was isolated for 23 years. This exhibition displays many historical relics that reflect the history of the establishment of the party organization in Hainan Island, the Revolutionary Army, the Workers 'and Peasants' Revolutionary Army, the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army, the Anti-Japanese Independent Corps and the People's Liberation Army of China during 23 years of fighting on the island.


The exhibition is under the direction of the propaganda department of the provincial committee of the Chinese Communist Party, organized by the provincial department of tourism, culture, radio, film and sports of Hainan Province and the Chinese Youth League. The exhibition will run until February 28, 2022, and citizens can enter the Special Exhibition Hall at the Provincial Museum for free


You can watch hundreds of videos of excursions on the island of Hainan here: https://vk.com/videos-51202698


Создано: 01 июля 2021