These 10 yuan banknotes worth 100,000 yuan - look carefully at the banknote numbers, you can sell them to Chinese collectors

When talking about the collection value of ten yuan banknotes, many people will definitely think of the second issue of ten yuan banknotes, because the collection price of this banknote is very high, and the collection price of some banknotes can reach over 300,000 yuan, but this second issue is very rare, more often across the banknote 10 yuan fourth issue, which is also very high cost.


Banknotes in ten yuan of the fourth issue (seen from a photo above) have been issued only for one year in 1980. Currently, the price of 10 yuan banknotes 1980 issue, which is repeated figure 8 is 100,000 yuan. Such banknotes are called Qilin banknotes, and the number eight has the highest collectible value, so look carefully at the banknotes you get in Chinese stores, as many people are not aware of the high collectible value of these Chinese banknotes.

Created: 22 April 2022